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Off-Grid Aluminum Hot Tubs


Lifetime Quality Products For Off Grid Living

The Off-Grid Outdoor Products Aluminum Hot Tub is fabricated with quality marine grade aluminum where all seams are professionally welded to be leak proof, guaranteeing low maintenance.

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2-Piece Stainless Stove Pipe

Insulated stainless steel chimney augured for better insulating value to keep outside temperatures low - for safety and inside temperatures high - for performance.


Efficient Aquifer Stove

The Hot Tub is heated by an all stainless steel, efficient, wood burning stove, which can heat the water to a pleasant soaking
temperature in just 2 hours.


4 Person Bench Seating

The 6 foot diameter model includes Ipé hardwood bench seating( comfortable for four ), a stove fence, and outer decorative planking made from Western Red Cedar


Marine Grade Aluminum Tub

The corrosion-resistant bare aluminum tub is easy to maintain, making cleaning easy.


Easy Installation

Installation is quick and easy... simply carry to a level place with a great view, fill with water (fresh or salt water), fill the stove with wood and light!


Durable Aluminum Cover & Lid

The tub is equipped with a removable aluminum stove cover, and a removable one piece lid for the tub. These covers provide protection from debris and help maintain water temperature when the tub is not occupied.

The Ultimate Wood-Fired Aluminum Hot Tub

Made for the off-grid environment, where electricity or gas fuels are not needed, the Off-Grid Outdoor Products Wood-Fired Aluminum Hot Tub is professionally welded with quality marine grade aluminum. The 6 foot diameter model includes bench seating (comfortable for four), a stove cover, aluminium one piece tub lid, and outer decorative planking which also provides insulation from heat loss, all made from attractive Western Red Cedar. Stainless steel hardware is used throughout to resist corrosion.

Made to Exacting Standards of Quality

The Hot Tub is manufactured in Canada to exacting standards using Marine grade (5052) aluminum, creating a lightweight tub for easy portability, resistance to leakage, and excellent durability.

Comfortable Seating For Four

The bench seating inside the tub is constructed with aluminum brackets fixed to the side walls for an unobstructed floor. The seats and the stove fence are also made of Ipé , a sustainably harvested tropical hardwood, and are fastened with stainless steel hardware which resists corrosion and oxidization.

The tub is equipped with a removable aluminum cover for the stove, and a removable one piece lid for the main section of the tub. These covers provide protection from debris and help maintain water temperature when the tub is not occupied.

Durable Easy To Maintain Design

The tub is equipped with a welded overflow fitting, a large drain with a tap making it easy to empty quickly. It is finished with a rolled aluminum tube welded around the top edge to create stability and to be more comfortable to rest against. The exterior of the tub is wrapped in a Reflectix® insulation to reflect the heat energy back to the aluminum tub. Then it is finished with Western Red Cedar planking coated with CETOL® translucent satin protective wood finish that provides ultraviolet and weather protection.

Aquafire® Underwater Stove

Our Aquafire underwater stove is manufactured from Austinetic grade stainless steel which resists corrosion and is the chosen material to withstand the heat and stress of a wood fire underwater.

Both the tub and the stainless steel stove are professionally welded for a leaktight result. Welding also creates a more cosmetically appealing finish and results in easier cleaning, less maintenance, and a smooth finish.